June 9 at 6 - 8pm

Pastor Barbara Potop heads up our prayer ministry. It is a powerful ministry and it is vital to our church.   Prayer Ministry, through Pastor Barbara, will be holding a "Prayer Assembly" June 9 at 6pm, this assembly is for all of our churches which meet on campus.  Pastors please join us, and bring your congregations,  for a night of prayer. We are so excited to see what God is going to do as we all come together and praise His glorious name!  If you are interested in getting involved in any of our prayer opportunities, please contact:

Pastor Barbara at 702-734-2223

Mountain Movers
Prayer is all about a relationship!

Prayer is the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Prayer is the way our spirits breathe. Just as our lungs require oxygen and are designed to seek it out, so our spirits require the presence of God and are designed to seek Him out. Without His presence, we are left gasping for meaning and desperately seeking our purpose in life. We find ourselves trying our best to pray because it is as needful as air for our lungs. Prayer is the method God uses to provide not only our daily needs from food to shelter but also comfort, strength and guidance. Mt. Movers meet every week on Thursdays for prayer/devotion, worship, bible study and communion followed by lunch. All meetings start at 10:00am every Thursday in the Sanctuary of Trinity Life Center .


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