Family Life Ministries

The Family Life Ministries motto is:

Healthy Couples Make Healthy Families

It is our goal to provide opportunities for couples to learn together, laugh together and grow closer to each other and God. We believe that marriage is the oldest and most sacred institute that God has given us. Here at Trinity Life Center, we want to equip the men and women with the tools to become the spouses God created us to be.

We teach you how to romance, encourage, and strengthen one another, to become one as you serve the Lord and serve one another. For your family to be healthy you first need to care for the health of your marriage.

Children are the most precious gift from God.

We are accountable for their well being; we believe that the life we live, the way we live, and the way we love our mate will reflect and ultimately determine the kind of spouse that our children will one day become to be.

 ( Christian or not )

Marriage these days seems like a gamble, the divorce rate statistics are shocking. It doesn't have to happen to you. We, here at Trinity, want to help change that, and show you how to enjoy a marriage that lasts a lifetime. No matter where you are in your marriage, if you're a newlywed, having a difficult time in your marriage, or have a great marriage and want to protect it, you are welcome here. We want you to be plugged in. You are not going to want to miss the knowledge, the fun, and the fellowship you will find here!

Family Intervention

If you are going through marital struggles or having a difficult time in your family, and would like some help, please don't hesitate to call Pastor Vic or Sara. They are available 24/7 to help and minister to you. They can meet with you in the evenings or on the weekends. Don't be ashamed; if you need help, get it!


Block Party
Family Camp
Marriage Seminars
National and Local Hikes and picnics
Family Food Drive
Toy Drive
Christmas Breakfast
Valentines Banquet
Marriage Retreat Cruise
4th Of July Picnic
Mi-Amigo Getaway
Marriage Retreats/Seminars

About the Family Life Ministries' Pastors

Pastor Vic Caruso is the Senior Associate Pastor here at Trinity Life Center. He has been on staff since 1985. Pastor Vic was saved from the Las Vegas' lifestyle while working as a Bellman for many years. He considers his call to Las Vegas a lifetime call. Pastor Vic has two passions. The first is to preach the gospel. The second is to serve. He also oversees many areas including special events, advertising and PR. He oversees the Pastoral Staff, ministry leaders, and support groups.

Sara Caruso is part of our visitation team for hospital visits, counseling, and Women's Wednesday Night teachings.

Pastor Vic and his wife Sara, have been married for over 32 years. They have four wonderful children, Gina, Vic jr., Carl, and Sammy. Also they have one grandchild. Jordan Caruso.