Our Mission & Purpose Statement
Our Mission ... to be a community of believers, prayerfully committed to making disciples of all nations who will discover and utilize their God-given gifts in ministry to others.

Our Purpose to...

We believe that a Christian grows most effectively as a whole person when they choose to belong or connect to a local church community where God's unconditional love is fully emphasized and expressed.

We believe that the local church must actively disciple and assimilate new believers into the local church, and that it is absolutely vital that they be given a combination of purposeful group Bible study and dedicated personal care.

We believe that a Christian will most effectively experience the support and care for the total person that God's unconditional love provides when they choose to belong to a small group of fellow believers who are committed to one another and meet on a regular basis.

We believe that many people who come to Christ and others who attend or belong to the local Church fellowship have deep hurts and negative behavioral patterns that need mending and that assured recovery requires a Christian counselor and/or combination of small group and dedicated personal care.

We believe that God's ultimate purpose for every Christian is to change their values and make them like Jesus Christ in thought, character, and action, resulting in a person who has a salting or positive effect on society and demonstrates through their words and deeds the light and love of the Gospel.

We believe that in the Beatitudes, Jesus succinctly gave the world the essence of His value system and that personal growth in His character is accelerated and greatly enhanced when these truths are studied and then discussed within the context of a small group.

We believe that a Christian's growth in Christ's character and ministry excellence is progressive, and that the local church must provide relevant educational structures to facilitate each individual's personal holistic development.

We believe that personal, small group, and corporate prayer is absolutely vital to every Christian's spiritual life. It is a discipline that must be learned and constantly maintained if we are to fulfill Christ's work on earth.

We believe that pastors and full-time elders are specifically called by God to devote a significant portion of their daily work time to prayer. They are to equip and lead the believer into a deeper understanding and relationship with the Lord.

Reach Out:
We believe God deeply loves lost people compelling every Christian to build relational bridges to the unconverted where they can authentically demonstrate God's love and share the gospel in terms that are sensitive, relevant, and non-threatening.

We believe that the evangelization of lost people must take place on the three interrelated levels of meeting social needs, building authentic relationships, and conducting corporate events that are sensitive to the cultural biases and needs of unchurched people.

We believe that, at times, God moves sovereignly in ways we don't always understand to reach unconverted people, and that the local church body should pray for and remain open to such a move of God's spirit.

We believe that through salvation God has bestowed upon every Christian spiritual gifts that blend with their personality, talents, and resources and that they pre-determine each believers' place of ministry in the body of Christ.

We believe that in order for every Christian to serve effectively, the local Church leadership must help them discover their God-given uniqueness, provide or encourage relevant ministry structures, and place them in compatible areas of ministry service.

We believe that the local church is called to effectively administrate God's grace as it is found in the unique creativity and spiritual giftedness of each of its members. Worship: We believe that a significant part of a Christian's daily personal worship to God is expressed through the sacrificial services they perform in meeting the holistic needs of others. Such involvement makes them better prepared in their ability to experience and express God's Supernatural Love.