Trinity Life Center Building

We are a Bible-believing church located in the heart of Las Vegas.
Feel free to click through the links at the top to find out more about our church, pastoral staff and ministries. We offer regular activities for families, will be beles and anyone who wants to grow in the knowledge of God.

Please join us for our 9 am Prayer Service and/or Connect Point Sunday School and 10am Worship Service this Sunday and let us know that you are a guest.
  We hope to see you soon!


Join Pastor Randy Greer as he continues in the exciting
book of Romans.  This weekend we will continue on our journey
in the series "Ever Deepening Faith"
Romans 5: 12 - 21

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Nights at Trinity Life Center

4pm to 6pm
CIC Kid's
 TLC/CIC Kid's Program where our children have the opportunity to do their homework,
play games, go on field trips and much, much more.



 New study beginning for Men's Ministry
"Dream to Destiny" by Robert Morris 

If you have a dream, then you have a destiny. In his inspiring new book, From Dream to Destiny, Robert Morris prompts you to ask, How do I travel from the dream to the destiny—and what happens on the way? Each of us is given a dream by God—it’s the notion that sets our hearts racing by the mere thought of it. Unfortunately, most people never see their dream come to pass, so they never fulfill the destiny that God has in store. Robert Morris tells readers exactly how to make their dream into the reality they long for. He uses the example of Joseph’s life in the Old Testament. God gave Joseph a dream and then promptly took him through 10 character-building tests that lasted 13 years. These tests assessed Joseph’s strengths and weaknesses—from pride to purity—and they are the same tests that each of us must pass before God lets us realize our dream. Find out what the tests are, if you are passing or failing them, and get ready to begin fulfilling the destiny that you have long dreamed of.        Wed. nights at 7pm!

Ladies there is still time to join us in Women's Ministry on Wednesday nights, at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall as we  explore the lives of “12 Women of the Bible”.   Apply Biblical lessons to your own modern-day struggles.  And live through their failures as well as successes;  draw near to God in a world filled with trials;  find lasting contentment; overcome rejection, insecurity, and much more…...

In various rooms on campus, the boys will enjoy the Royal Rangers program while the Girls Ministry will also enjoy their classes.  For our teens and young adults we have igNITE!  This group will be meeting in C111- C112. 

Mountain Movers Prayer and Bible Study

Each Thursday of the Month

Our Mountain Movers, led by Pastor Barbara Potop, meet every Thursday at approximately 10am. Meetings consist of Intercessory Prayer, testimonies, bible study, praise reports, luncheon and much more. Join us for a morning of refreshing!

Also, please visit Pastor Barbara every Wednesday on KKVV radio - 1060AM; 1060 live on the internet,  and now 101.5FM - from 3:30pm to 4pm. Join us for radio teachings straight from the bible plus an added bonus of Special Guests each week. Pastor Barbara will be hosting a two day Prayer Advance this year November 4 - 5.

This past year the event created an "International Cookbook" which is now available for purchase. Pastor Potop has also written another book, "God's Healing Answers".
It is available in both English and Filipino and on CD in English. Both of these books are now available for purchase in the church
lobby on Sunday mornings or in the church office.  If you prefer, call us and we will arrange for them to be shipped to you.

SAM'S Luncheon

2nd Friday of Each Month

Are you 50 years or older?? Join us for Senior Adult Ministy- 2nd Friday of each month. This month during our service we will be worshipping, be in prayer, enjoy a complimentary lunch and maybe have a guest speaker.

Join us for fellowship and fun!!


40 Days For Life
Join us each Thursday, from 7am to 7pm adjacent to our property
as we pray that childrens lives will be spared.  Please sign up in the lobby
to reserve your time slot for prayer.


Kid’s Program

Continuing Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
This schedule compliments and follows the Clark County School District Calendar

Trinity Life Center in combination with the City Impact Center is hosting an After School Program from 4pm to 6pm. This class/program will help keep your children safe after school and is totally free! We invite kids from the ages of 5-11yrs old. Kids any older than 11yrs old will need special permission from Pastor Mike. Our activities include crafts, recreation, swimming, Chapel, team building, and on occasion field trips. Grab a registration form in the lobby or in Kid Zone, it is very important we have all of your current contact information on file, so please return registration form to Pastor Mike. Call Carol, 702-734-2223, at the church with any questions.

Connect Point Schedule

Sunday School classes  9am

All members of our congregation and visitors alike are encouraged to explore opportunities to study the Word of God each Sunday.  We have classes for the many different stages of life.  We have begun new classes so hurry to connect with a group, pray about where you belong in the Trinity LIfe Center family. 
See you at 9am as that is when it all begins!

If you have any questions regarding the classes, please do not hesitate to contact the church office below. 

Prayer Ministry 

Join us as we begin the journey into the 2016 Prayer Advance November 4-5      
beginning at 6pm on Friday night. We will have preaching, teaching, 
healing, deliverance, International Choir will be singing.
Prior to this at 6pm will be the International Buffet. 
Approximately 8:30pm on Friday evening, join
                               Bishop Wallace E. Smith who is a well known preacher, teacher and evangelist. 


Home Fellowship Prayer Groups  

Beginning October 30, at 5pm

Get connected with people in your area one Sunday evening a month!  Our home groups are  designed for prayer, teaching,
encouragement,  and fellowship.  We have 9 host homes currently, please look on the Home Fellowship Board
in the church lobby  to find the home nearest you and get plugged in .   Or,  call our office for further information 702-734-2223.